Start A Market

List of Considerations for New Markets  (PDF) developed by Cooperative Extension, Colorado State University, by Martha Sullins is certain to help with your planning.

Farmers Market Coalition hosts a FAQ from Market Managers that reflects learning from across the country that will aid your explorative and ongoing discussions.

Finding funding for farmers markets from marketshare, a program of, gives a summary of funding and financing alternatives.

The Agribusiness Marketing Report (PDF) from Cooperative Extension, Colorado State University, by Dawn Thilmany covers marketing, organizational and regulatory issues to consider.

The Colorado Farm to Market website helps you navigate the road from farm to market. This site was developed to familiarize Colorado food producers and food product manufacturers with federal, state and local food licensing regulations and to help ensure that the path food travels from farm to fork is safe.

Here’s a good Overview on Market Safety and Risk Management from Colorado Farm to Market.
Also, see CFMA’s Safety Guidelines