Consumer Resources

Find a Market
Search here for a market near you. If you don’t see your favorite market, contact us so that we can help you find the freshest CO grown products in your area.

View CO Dept of Ag market lists and mobile apps, too.

Food Resources
Includes sources for recipes, food storage information, food safety, crop calendars and agriculture groups

Farm to Table Food Safety
Includes lots of great CSU resources related to safe handing and storage of fresh produce.

Farmers’ Market Price Reporting
CSU is collecting information on prices and units of sale in farmers’ markets. This information is presented in terms of average prices for each vegetable, fruit and meat product, by market.

Colorado State University is making the information on market prices available to producers, market managers, and others to be used for:

  • understanding how price points differ by market,
  • seeing what products are available in other markets, and
  • helping you plan for future production by better estimating your potential revenue from the products you grow.

The price reports can be accessed at:

For more information contact: Martha Sullins at (970) 498-6006 or